poniedziałek, 1 października 2012


Since I started working in Alvernia Studios, I had the opportunity to work on few commercials:



and the credits:

Production: Alvernia Studios  

Project supervisor - Mikolaj Valencia

"LIVA" movie lead - Mariusz Korczak
"EMR" movie lead - Dawid Borkiewicz

compostiting - Marek Gajowski, Dawid Borkiewicz, Grzegorz Ociepka, Witold Wnuk, Maciej    Skołuba, Sebastian Faliński,     Michelle Skrzyniarz, Cezary Cichocki

cg - Dawid Borkiewicz, Marek Gajowski, Mariusz Korczak, Paweł Ruszkiewicz, Mateusz Tokarz, Tomasz Kurgan, Michał Gamrat, Łukasz Wiśniewski, Krzysztof Falinski, Jarosław Handrysik, Przemysław Patyk, Grzegorz Jankowski

coop - Michał Pyteraf, Arkadiusz Klimek, "BOX"



Director : Piotr Janowski
DOP: Piotr Janowski
Client : TEVA
Agency: Hand Made
Production : Alvernia Studios

środa, 9 maja 2012

Plumm - Short movie

At last .. after 6 months of hard work and 1.5 years fight for prizes at festivals, our team decided that our short movie will shown to a wider audience.

I am very glad to present you..

"Where the sky falls down on the ground and roofs of houses float above human heads, a little boy travels the world of children's imagination. But, life is just a brief dream in the place where his dreams come true. At the end, a return to reality awaits, which will put the dreamer with a difficult choice. Although the decision the character makes exposes illusions of his childhood dreams, it also becomes an expression of devotion, a great friendship and hope that there is an ocean of miracles somewhere, of which we dreamed of when we were kids. "

piątek, 16 marca 2012


I came back, and it took me over a half year..
Maybe I'm lazy.. or maybe I've been busy..
Now is time to show something .. not too much, but something.
About game? No comment.. Don't ask why..
About asset, well.. big excavator, some buildings are mine (also unused..)